Explorer Program

for Common Factor Analysis and Related Models

Release 4.0, June, 2017

Copyright 1990-present by J. S. Fleming


Release 4.0 is now available! Please contact me with questions, concerns, or to report errors.

    Read Me--A note to Explorer Users-- Click here: Explorer_users.pdf

    Explorer 4.0 Zip file (click here to download) (Updated June 5, 2017)

     Example Explorer 4.0 Run: Two Factors for Rosenberg Self-Esteem scale

    Manual for Explorer 4.0 (Updated June 5, 2017)

    Appendix to Manual (Sample Output)

    Sample Output from McDonald's Text -- Diener Life Satisfaction Data  (Updated Feb. 12, 2011)

    Hypermax Rotation Examples (from Three Classic Data Sets: Thurstone's 10 PMA, Eight Physical Variables, Holzinger's 9 Psychological Tests)

Citation information:

Fleming, J. S. (2017). Explorer: A program for common factor analysis and related models (Release 4.0). [Online software and manual.] Retrieved from: http://swppr.org.