ORTHPROC program information and links

Caveat: I'm not crazy about orthogonal solutions in factor analysis but they have their uses, and sometimes they are simply what you find in the literature, so with that in mind, here is a program to compare orthogonal solutions "orthogonally." (Alternatively, you can compare orthogonal solutions after rotating them obliquely using my COMPARE program.) -JSF

Citation information:

    Fleming, J. S. (2008). ORTHPROC: An interactive program for orthogonal procrustes factor matching via Cliff's (1966) method [computer software]. Available from: http://swppr.org.


    ORTHPROC rotates orthogonal factor matrices to maximum congruence, subject to the restriction of orthogonality of the solution. Following the rotations congruence coefficients and root-mean-square measures are computed for the transformed loadings.

Download information:

    Download the ORTHPROC.exe and documentation file in zipped form using ftp by clicking here. (Note: Program updated 2/9/2010)


    Cliff, N. (1966). Orthogonal procrustes rotation to congruence. Psychometrika, 32, 33-42.